Conditions of use, Shipping & warranty

Conditions of use & Warranty

Do you need assistance?

Please send us an email from the 'Contact us' page.  One of our Workz team will do their best to get back to you as soon as possible. The Workz warehouse and offices are open form Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Please note we are an online warehouse and in order to keep the price point of Workz products down we are an internet based business only.

Payments UK

For UK residents only. You can pay via our online payment system via credit or debit card. Our site is fully protected so your payment details will be safe and secure.  When you go to make payment you will be re-directed to the World Pay payment gateway for fast secure payments.

Payments (International)

For European or Worldwide customers.

We ship worldwide so it's no problem to ship out anywhere (within reason). Please send us an email with the details below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We ship out with DHL / TNT/ UPS.

  1. A list of parts you are looking to purchase
  2. Full name and shipping address
  3. Contact telephone number

You can find the International shipping request from here.

If you are happy with the quote we will send you a link to make payment via Bank transfer.  so you know your payment details are safe & secure. Workz will ONLY accept bank transfers for overseas customers.

About Us

Who are Workz Industries?

Workz industries was established in 2004 in Sweden. With over 15 distributors in various countries all over the world Workz bikes were fast becoming one of the best in the Industries.  Working alongside the likes of BBR USA and numerous factory professional riders. We have had various championship world titles over the years.  Workz Industries was the biggest selling professional pit bike manufacturer of its time.  No other companies could even get close.

Where did Workz go?

We get asked a lot by customers where did Workz go?  The simple answer is we never left. We have be busy behind the scenes working with many other companies producing bikes and performance parts. In 2015 the Workz team decided to re launch the brand with a small range or bikes to start.  We have been working hard on R&D to bring you the best bike for the price point. The reason we did this is that we can clearly see a gap in the market for performance race pit bikes. This has always been at the forefront of our minds and the Workz philosophy.

Cancellation of Pre Orders

If you have placed an order and decide to cancel it (providing that your part has NOT already been dispatched)we will send you a refund. There maybe an administration fee of £5 to cancel the order.

Returns policy

We will accept returns if we have been notified within 3 working days of you receiving the item and you have completed the returns form. Workz will send you a returns code that must be printed on the parts package. Without this code we can not accept any returns. We must then receive the item back within 7 working days after we have reviewed and processed you return request. You will be notified via email. After this time we can not accept the return. This is a strict policy. All items returned MUST be in original packaging and unopened,  not fitted or used!  If the item has been opened, fitted or used when Workz receive it back, then you will be contacted and asked to pay the shipping cost to return the item back to you. You may also be asked to pay an administration fee. If the return costs are not paid, Workz with dispose of the part/s at their own discretion 7 days after notifying you.

Please note. If there is damage to any returned parts in transit or if the value of item has been reduced as a result of over handling (for example more than you would in a shop) you may be liable for a deduction in the refund to cover our costs. Please ensure you package it well and send it back recorded delivery. Please keep any proof of postage. If we do not receive the item back, we can not refund you!

When we have received your item back in good condition we will issue you with a full refund excluding any shipping or handling costs. Please note, handling costs are built into the price of the product at the sales price. From time to time Workz will offer deals/parts with FREE delivery. Please note that the handling fee is also already built into these prices.  If you return goods that initially had free delivery, you will be charged a fee.

You can find the Returns request form here.

Shipping Policy

We will ship out Internationally . We aim to dispatch your parts within 48hrs after payment. If you are based in the UK or anywhere around the world we are here to help.  For International customers please see the payments section above.  We only send out parts or bikes through reputable companies and they will always require a signature on arrival. If you have received a box of parts or a bike in a crate and the packaging is damaged you must refuse the item. If the box is damaged, please take a few minutes to open the box and check for damage before the driver leaves. If you sign for a box of parts or a bike in a crate that has damage then this will be down to you and the shipper to resolve not workz. Alternately you must open the item and make sure the contents is of satisfactory standard and not damaged.

Occasionally but very rarely a Workz bike may be delivery with what we call 'Crate Rash'.  This basically means that in delivery process the bike may have gained a small scratch or a little wear from one of the plastics on the cardboard carton.  This is not what we would class as 'actual damage' and we will not be sending any free parts out. However all claims are treated on an individual basis.  If the bike or parts have a damaged crate, please read the details again in the above.

Shipping Internationally 

All of the above information applies to International shipping also. You may notice that we do not offer a shipping price direct for bikes on our website for international shipping. If you would like a price for a bike to be shipped internationally then please send us an email with full details.

Why is there no shipping option for all my parts?  We have a policy that we can only ship 25KG of parts in one box.  If you have lots of parts that weigh more than 25KG then you must make a separate order. You can only ship a maximum of 25KG per order. We want your parts to arrive safe, so we have a max weight.

Warranty Policy

Workz Industries ONLY supply parts for competition off road use. We offer NO warranty on any parts we supply or imply they have any sort of warranty with them. All Workz parts are used in server racing conditions and therefore we can not offer any sort of warranty.

Workz Industries Pit bikes are supplied in a crate and require some minimal assembly. We do provide an assembly instruction manual if you need one. If you are not completely confident to build up your new workz bike, then please ask a local qualified technician to help you. Workz bikes are ALL supplied in a crate.

Limited Liability

Workz Industries, offers no warranty of any kind, whether it be expressed or implied. The consumer assumes all risks when on, near, or around Workz pit bikes. Also excluded from this is any incidental or consequential damages including loss of use. You agree to this warranty when you make a purchase of a Pit Bike from Workz Industries or from any Workz Industries authorised distributor.

WORKZ company (hereunder THE SELLER) is a registered trademark.The email address is (hereunder THE SELLER ADDRESS).

Any order under a product appearing in the online store website (hereunder SELLER WEBSITE) requires consultation and prior acceptance of these general sales conditions. The click of an order validation implies full acceptance of these. This click has a value of "digital signature".

• When a customer passes an order, he takes the membership without reserve of the latter in the present general sales conditions, except particular conditions granted in writing by Workz Company to the customer. All other documents such as catalogs, leaflets, advertisements, notes have only an informative value and they are not contractual documents.

• Workz Company distributes some parts that remove the bike limits; such as pistons kits increasing capacity, carburetors, exhausts and other parts; they can only be used for Workz not approved bikes and to increase exclusively the bike performances in competition.
• Therefore, these parts are forbidden on approved bikes because they modify its character regarding its ratification on the British and European territory and makes it unfit for a road use.

• The prices indicated in all the price lists published by Workz Company are informative and subject to typographical or printing mistakes, photos and pictures are not contractual. Prices are calculated from Workz Company warehouse. They exclude transports costs in most cases.

• Workz Company does offer discount regarding the quantity of bikes sold. For an order of 6 or more bikes we can offer discount (please go to the Distributor Details for more information.

• All orders have a firm and definitive nature. If you make a mistake in your order, no parts will be taken back or exchanged. The orders which are accepted, cannot be cancelled, even partially without Workz Company written consent.
• If an invoice has not been paid, all orders in process will be cancelled. If your payment has NOT been authorised then no parts will be sent.  Please make sure you receive an authorisation form from Worldpay that your payment has gone through.

• Opening an account and registering is necessary for any payment or order . To open an account, customer needs to go to my account (click here) and register.
• Invoice payments are paid cash.
• Transfer payments are accepted and have to be done before goods departure.
• Workz Company expresses its reservations to modify its prices at any moment, without any previous notice, especially regarding possible money fluctuation and custom duty between France and the goods provenance territory, or an increase of the buying cost.

• The customer commits himself to receive the products at the place and the date signaled by Workz Company. The delivery time given is just informative, a delivery delay cannot leads to late payment penalty, order cancellation or late payment from the customer.
• Just like, no compensation can be claimed if an article cannot be delivered; if the delay or the order non execution is due to strike, accident, fire, impossibility to be supplied or any cause independent of Workz Company will.
• Delivery is done by the transport company that Workz Company chose. Workz Company products are the responsibility of the customer when travelling.
• In fact, customer commits himself, in case of partial lost or product damaged due to transport, to express, during three days from the reception date, reservations against the transport company by recommended letter with acknowledge receipt, at risk of reclamation rejection.
• For any delivery litigation, precise reservations have to be expressed with the details of the parts damaged on the transport receipt with the driver present. In case of negligence, no reclamation can be done.

• For all contestations regarding the sales done by Workz Company and the application or the interpretation of this general sales conditions, the commercial court at the discretion of Workz Industries only.
• In case of international exchanges, all the sales done with Workz Company are under the Law in which Workz Industries head office resides.

• Workz Company expresses his reservations regarding the goods propriety sold appointed on the present document until the complete payment of their price and interests, even if customer gets a payment delay. If payment has not been done before the due date, Workz Company can get back the goods, the sale will be determinate if Workz Company wants and the deposit already done will remain to him in compensation of the goods use which had got the customer.
• Bikes and spare parts remain the property of Workz Company until receiving the pending payment, but customer will be responsible for them once received, the possession transfer means the risks of the dispositions provided in the clause "delivery”. Customer commits himself, as a matter of fact, to subscribe an insurance contract which guarantee the lost risks, robberies or the appointed goods

• No goods can be returned without the previous written consent of Workz Company and its reshipment instructions. Please see returns policy above.
• Transport cost for reshipment is the responsibility of customer. The part-exchange prices due to customer is a credit note valid for the next order only.

• Customer has to check the goods when received and has to express on the transport receipt his reservations regarding the goods states (conformity of the goods delivered with the one ordered, manufacturing defects …).

• Each WORKZ dealer/distributor is required to assembly completely the bikes and check all the point from the assembly notice before delivering it to final customer. He has to follow the assembly instructions and the user manual. The user manual is provided by the dealer to each customer who buys aWorkz bike.
• Workz Company declines any responsibility in case of failure or deterioration of one of his products if the assembly and user instructions are not respected by resellers.
• Each Workz bike user has to wear protections (helmet, boots, gloves and other protections) when riding a mini bike. Workz bikes can only be ride by one person.
• The use of Workz bikes not approved on public high way is strictly forbidden on public road.
• Workz bikes are not approved are strictly reserved for private use or bike learning on an approved field or for sport competition.
• For lack of express affectation to approved bikes, Workz spare parts and accessories are intended for private use or sport competition.
• Workz dealers/distributors have to inform each customer to read the bike user manual before using the bike. The importer and the dealer cannot be responsible for any accident happening due to an abnormal use of the bike and the non-respect of the instructions and warning present on the user manual.
• Children under 14 years cannot ride Workz bikes alone, he has to be in the company of an adult for every ride on the bike.

• Transport cost is calculated regarding weight and delivered territory.
• Workz Company expresses his reservations to modify at any moment the transport cost regarding an increase of the oil tanker prices, or of the transport cost.